Cluttered desks are often construed as inefficient and not necessarily the sign of a creative mind as many of us would like to believe.

We celebrate National Clean Off Your Desk Day on January 14 as a reminder to boost our productivity by cleaning off our desks.

It may seem transitory and innocuous when something catches your eye (like a dirty coffee mug you want to clean or a paper that needs to be filed away). “But this drains your energy and focus, even if you don’t realize it,” says David Allen, a veteran productivity expert and creator of “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity,” a work-life management method.

A cluttered desk is not only an ugly sight. It can and will hamper productivity and performance at work. Reducing the clutter in your office can positively influence several things, including your stress level and mindset.

Perhaps it’s time for that archeological dig you’ve been putting off?

The most common thing you will find is paper when it comes to desks. You might ask yourself why you saved it, do you need to keep it, and how can I find it as soon as I do need it?

When you contact FileBank, Inc., your premier Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solution Provider, we will walk you through the “sorting the FAT” process (created by Barbara Hemphill when dealing with the paper clutter on your desk.

  • File
  • Act
  • Toss

For papers that are ready to be filed away, you can look to FileBank for a system that works for you, where we offer storage in our Vault®.

For those papers or records that need to be “acted” upon, FileBank can help you with our digital indexing, scanning, access, and retrieval system.

And, for those records that need to be “tossed,” wait! There may be retention guidelines that you are not aware of that you have to follow before destruction. FileBank has certified archivists who follow state-mandated retention schedules and will help you toss or “purge” those records at the right time.

Are you ready to eliminate disorganization at your desktop level and remove the clutter?

Now is the right time to let FileBank create a workspace that helps you and your business thrive. We will empower you to re-engineer a productive, paper-free environment to achieve a streamlined office.