An art handler at FileBankART, has one of the most difficult, yet, we believe, one of the most interesting jobs. They are responsible for so much behind the scenes work, such as at museums, galleries, a pop-up art exhibitions, or a corporate art collections. They work hand in hand with gallery directors, registrars, curators, and private collectors.

They are responsible for hands on collection care, our art handlers are always packing and transporting artworks to multiple locations across a city. You may also find them spending an entire day at our storage facility barcoding, organizing and placing items in climate controlled storage.

No two days are ever alike for our art handlers. They are trained to work with various people and their high value collections, and to be familiar with various types of venues and institutions.

This is why art handlers need to have a diverse range of skill set so that know how to handle different situations that may arise. They must have experience in dealing with paintings, sculptures, films, couture, costumes, theater backdrops, rare books, antique furniture, cars, manuscripts, artifacts, and an overall knowledge in art management.

At FileBankART our art handlers are constantly undergoing training, to keep them abreast of new techniques, the different mediums, and best practices, and how to handle various situations.

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