OAKLAND, N.J.July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As COVID-19 continues to push operations online, the innovative content management company FileBank Inc. is announcing a nationwide launch of its unique, cost-effective digitizing solution designed to end decades of unsustainable dependence on paper documentation in America’s schools, as well in municipalities and non-profit organizations.

The unique Jump to Digital™ solution provides schools access to a sophisticated cloud-based electronic document management system (EDMS) that absolves them of the need to invest in their own system and license and aligns with the specific document types and regulatory environment of the education sector.  Available with a scanner for an affordable monthly fee, it eliminates the huge capital outlay and setup costs of alternative solutions which formed a roadblock that left most schools non-digitized and lagging badly behind the private sector.

Gregory Copeland, Founder and President of FileBank, said the time has come to bring schools, municipalities and other institutions that are still paper-dependent into the digital age, meeting a major sustainability challenge throughout the United States.

“COVID-19 has pushed everyone online, whether they like it or not,” he said. “Digitizing and centralizing critical files does not need to be a resource-intensive process, and we are proud to offer the kind of robust infrastructure and decades-long expertise that can guide organizations through this rapid shift to online operations and virtual content management.”

The family and veteran-owned enterprise has already saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for many schools centered around its home state of New Jersey. The solution has been adopted by the Newark School District, East OrangeNorth Bergen, and Montclair State University, among others. FileBank is now reaching out to all schools in New YorkPennsylvania and Connecticut in the runup to a national expansion.

Jump to Digital™ equips organizations with a specially configured scanner that connects to FileBank’s secure and encrypted network and stores documents in formats and file types typically required by state regulators for certification. When files are scanned, they are rendered searchable by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and automatically indexed by keyword into an inventory that users can access through a cloud-based platform. For several current customers, this platform has replaced back-end accounting and accounts receivable systems, and it has been successfully used by auditors to find and review specific documents quickly.

The system has the potential to save many thousands of dollars in operating costs every year, increase staff productivity and greatly reduce error rate as measured by missing fields, illegible handwriting and the like.

“FileBank has saved us thousands of hours in employee time,” said Homere Breton, Executive Legal Assistant of Newark Board of Education. “By helping us organize and review records online, rather than having to physically store and retrieve documents, our integration of FileBank has allowed us to expand our offices, hire for strategic new positions, and make our processes far more efficient.”

Jump to Digital™ can digitize and archive anything from emails to invoices, purchase orders, employee or student records, legal documents, oversized documents such as blueprints or facility layouts, photos or other files that in many cases organizations are legally required to retain. As part of its process, FileBank marks relevant documents’ state-required retention schedules, such as school employee and student records which need to be retained for 50 and 99 years, respectively, to help organizations manage the legal and safe destruction of files.

The solution is currently available for $39.99/month per pre-configured user for organizations that provide their own scanner or $299/month if FileBank provides one. The initial scanner cost includes one free user, with additional users added for $39.99/month.

FileBank also offers a complementary service called Instant Access™ that complements Jump to Digital for clients that already have a daunting backlog of documents that would be expensive and time-consuming to scan. Instant Access™ efficiently indexes them and makes it possible to scan them in the future, on a per-need basis. If needed, FileBank has the capacity to store the files as physical backups in its 600,000 cubic foot secure archive center — nicknamed “The Vault” — that’s hurricane proof and equipped with fire suppression and air rotation systems.

The services combine to form an optimal solution between the extreme policies of archiving everything physically or scanning everything, including documents that are unlikely to actually be needed. It also offers secure physical storage of the backlog of documents.

About FileBank

FileBank Inc. is a family and veteran-owned small business providing enterprise content management services for the education, government, healthcare, insurance and non-profit sectors. Our bespoke approach attracts well-known organizations like Doctors without Borders, the New York City Ballet, and the Muppets, as well as over 300 schools and municipalities, such as the Newark School District. Through a robust technology platform, 18 separate services from *scanning to archiving to secure shredding, and a 600,000 cubic foot secure archive center *known as “the Vault,” FileBank has the capacity and domain expertise to help you “Save What Matters™.”

Unlike large corporate competitors, FileBank offers customized support and a hands-on team that has provided content enterprise management services to over 600 clients in one of the most competitive markets in the U.S.

Press Release Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/filebank-launches-digitizing-service-tailored-for-americas-schools-301101593.html