Secure Destruction Services

Providing a complete document management package, FileBank also offers secure document destruction services. Whether you have confidential records to be shredded on-site at your facility or off-site at FileBank, we can accommodate all of your shredding needs. FileBank can also provide shred bins and consoles for clients to keep on-site at their facility and schedule reoccurring destruction services. FileBank’s Archivist will run a destruction report following a project’s completion, so documents no longer needed are not kept in storage.

The Archivist will also run annual reports per client request for items that have reached their expiration. Clients can also use P-Cabinet® to generate their destruction reports if required.

Confidential Shredding

Do you have an abundance of confidential paper documents for shredding but nowhere to dispose of them safely? FileBank supplies secure shredding bins and consoles designed explicitly for discrete disposition.

FileBank provides shred bins and consoles with reusable nylon bags with grommets that secure into the shred console/bins. Shred technicians will securely transport documentation to the FileBank facility for secure destruction.

We also provide on-site shredding at the client’s location upon request.

​Document Destruction Alternative

Are you apprehensive about disposing of your paper documents?

We always ask new clients if they are confident that their paper documents have surpassed their retention period.

Legislation requires organizations to keep their paper records for specific periods. Every organization must retain financial records, employee records, medical records, student records, construction records, and many more critical records. Disposition of documents must also comply with various local, state, and federal laws. All of this could get overwhelming!

If you’re nervous about document shredding, archival storage might be the perfect solution for you.

With our document storage service, you can be sure that critical records are accessible anytime.

Document Shredding Benefits

​Managed Retention and Destruction

Good records management certifies that paper documents which have surpassed their expiration date are securely shredded; therefore, meeting all local, state, and federal regulations and not taking up unnecessary office space or accumulating a storage bill.

​Augmented Security

Give your office peace of mind knowing that sensitive, vital, and confidential records are accurately disposed of, protecting your organization from the dangers of identity theft or fraud.

​Certified Compliance

When you make the solid decision to outsource your document destruction, you can rest assured that we will complete the job following local, state, and federal standards. FileBank provides shredding certificates to substantiate claims that we have disposed of your documents legally and legitimately.

Save What Matters

Secure Encrypted Private Cloud, Automated Indexing of all Documents, ​Electronic Content Management System and Automatic Secure Daily Backup.

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