The facility, also known as “The Vault (R)” is four stories tall, precast, windowless, concrete with a fireproof construction. The facility boasts:

NOTE: Remember to make the (R) in Vault properly. I can’t do that in this email copy.
• A detailed emergency plan in place
• A 500-year flood zone (the area has a very low risk of flooding)
• Underground flood-control system
• An unmarked building, which enhances security
• Built with security and fire safety as preeminent in its design
• The building is 120 yards in length and width (think football field) with a 40-foot clear interior
• The building is hurricane-proof (with no negative effects from Hurricane Katrina that had a wind-load capacity of 120 mph
• An in-rack and high-intensity sprinkler system throughout the entire facility (twelve times the requirement for the center)
• Front and rear security-strength, stainless steel door entrances to The Vault (R)
• All fire exit doors are two-hour rated stainless security vault doors
• Diesel-back up generators to ensure climate systems throughout the facility
• Digital security cameras, monitored for 24/7 protection throughout the facility
• A climate-controlled air rotation system that moves 40,000 cubic feet of air per minute for protection of content
• A humidity-monitoring system
• 610,000 cubic feet of capacity with an additional 250,000 cubic feet for future expansion

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Value Added Services

We tailor our storage solutions to meet the unique needs of: Galleries, Private Collectors, Artists, Museums, Auction Houses, Rare Book Dealers, Fashion, Theater, Trusts, Art Advisors, Estates and Foundations.

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  • Ultra Lock Box Private Storage™
  • Crating

  • Weekly shuttle service to and from New York City
  • Condition Reports with Photographs
  • Work Area – everything you need to work while you’re onsite.
  • Installation and Project Management
  • Domestic and International Shipping
  • TSA and Customs
  • Cross-Country Shipping

Attention To Detail and Surprisingly Affordable

Our Concierge Storage and Ultra Lockbox Private Storage ™ meet the ongoing conservation, safety, and storage needs of our clients. Our staff is experienced in managing valued collections.

Regardless of term length, we offer a complete range of services, including pick-up and shipping, installation, packing, and a personalized digitized collection management system that keeps you up-to-date and secure.

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