At FileBank, Inc., we know information is a significant, if not crucial, organization component and a large part of your competitive strategy. Our mission is to help our clients achieve and maintain the highest level for security for their physical and digital records. As a team, we are constantly researching and developing higher quality ways and continued adherence to best practices to increase cyber safety and reduce overall costs for our clients to succeed and grow their companies.

At the heart, we are committed to delivering solutions that offer exceptional services to address industry-specific issues with both innovation and leading-edge technology. Our world-class Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions are customer-driven and remarkably adaptable at both the departmental and enterprise levels.

Since 1987, FileBank’s solutions have helped many companies streamline their operations, reduce overhead costs, support compliance initiatives, and help their employees to operate more efficiently. We partner with renowned school districts, major colleges, universities, medical institutions, charities, art and theatre companies. And, we continue to help central and local governments store and protect their valuable collateral.

​For nearly 30 years, we’ve been proudly serving our community.

Greg Copeland, President and CEO ​​

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