Eleven Frequently Asked Questions About Document Management and FileBank’s Services

  1. What is Document Management?

    Document Management is the process of managing documents through their lifecycle, from inception through creation, review, storage and dissemination all the way to their archival or weeding out.

  2. What are the benefits associated with creating a document management system for your organization?

    At FileBank, our bespoke and comprehensive document management system ensures that your paper documents and digital files are secure, organized and easily accessible and retrievable 24-7 from any device that is Internet enabled. Our EMS allows you to take control of the way you choose and need to manage your documents and transform your current paper-intensive process into streamlined, digital workflows. With FileBank’s secure document management system, we assume the accountability and enforce compliance regulations, reduce the risk of errors and allow you easy access to a paperless operation while eliminating the stress associated with losing important information.

  3. What differentiates FileBank’s Enterprise Management System for document management from others?

    When you partner with FileBank, you enter a bespoke, one-of-a-kind relationship that offers you unparalleled expertise, innovative solutions and customized service. Our mission is to support your goals for productive, efficient document management through our personal, friendly and family-like service. The FileBank family understands the importance of your documents and their essential component of your organization. Keeping this in mind, FileBank strives to offer best practices that ensure the perpetual integrity of your files (whether they are stored as hard copies or digitized for immediate access and use). While doing so, we keep you compliant with the industry standards required for your particular organization and prepare you for audits. Our services are guaranteed. If we don’t perform, you don’t pay.
    Don’t take our word for it! Read what our satisfied clients have to say.

  4. Why would we need offsite protection for our data and other materials?

    The negative impact of data loss can severely damage an organization in many ways. Two of which are financially and legally. Your vital data should always be backed up and secured offsite should an unforeseen event or circumstance occur and render your data either inaccessible or destroyed-permanently. Electronic data backup must be a crucial part of an organization’s disaster recovery and business continuity plan. Again, don’t take our word for it. Visit *https://www.archives.gov/personnel-records-center/fire-1973 and read about Up in smoke…
    …That’s where the service records of 16 to 18 MILLION of our nation’s Veterans went as a result of the 1973 fire at the National Personnel Records Center in Saint Louis. “No duplicate copies of these records were ever maintained, nor were microfilm copies produced. Neither was any indexes created prior to the fire.”*
    Documentation of millions of military careers…gone forever!

    We know what you’re thinking…”Well, that was 1973!” But have you taken a hard look at how your organization stores and handles paper files today? Are they maintained in a safe, secure, climate-controlled environment…or are you setting your business or agency up for another Saint Louis fire? How will you explain to your customers, clients, patients, or constituents that you’ve lost their personnel, medical, financial, or legal records? Let FileBank store, secure, and preserve your documents and valuables in “The Vault,®” our fire-protected, secure, hurricane-proof, climate-controlled archive center.Better yet, allow us to digitize those documents and safeguard and back up the data on our secure, redundant, private servers. Don’t let this happen to you! Prepare and plan with FileBank.

  5. My business wants to go paperless and we need help getting started. Can FileBank assist us?

    So, your organization’s workflow is paper based? Isn’t that fun? You enjoy passing paper forms and files around the office for input or approval, don’t you?
    It’s especially fun when your organization works out of multiple locations and you rely on a courier service to facilitate those actions, isn’t it? No? It’s not fun? It’s not efficient? It’s not cost-effective?

    Your business is mixed with paper and digital documents. Paper comes in the mail; reports are printed and circulated. Your past is primarily printed materials. You ask yourself: “What could the future hold? What would happen if all of those documents were in one place and all could be found in a single search? What if the mail was sorted instantly and at your desk for review? What if you could deliver your responses instantly to each arriving document? What have “smartphones taught us?”

    Rest easy! FileBank’s Enterprise Content Management Solution (ECM) is made to manage unstructured information this includes: confidential emails; employee contracts; compliance information; Word documents; Excel spreadsheets; PDFs; images; videos; etc., These are all stored safely in the cloud and made accessible to you and your team for collaboration. We help organizations of all kinds to work more effectively. Let Team FileBank help you transform how you capture, store, secure, analyze, and engage with information. Let us help you evolve from paper processes to e-forms and digital workflow. Through our “Jump to Digital®” program, we will customize our Enterprise Content Management system to your specific needs and enhance your organization’s technology investments, streamline office operations, reduce costs, increase accuracy and return on investment, and free up all that file room space.

  6. How quickly can I have access to my records? And, do you have pick-up and delivery service?

    FileBank is a full-service document management provider that can accommodate all of your document pickup and delivery requirements.
    Same day delivery service is available for items requested before 10:00 a.m. Requests made prior to 3:30 p.m. will be delivered the next business day. In addition, we can set specific times for your delivery schedule, i.e. weekly, monthly, or quarterly. We also offer Scan on Demand, which allows you to request the specific records you need and receive a secure electronic version in 30 minutes or less. Upon special request, FileBank also offers emergency delivery (within two hours of request).
  7. What kind of security system do you have in place at your facility and in your vehicles?

    FileBank’s Record Storage System offers all of its clients’ stringent security standards to ensure your documents and electronic data are securely stored and protected at all times. Our facility is located in a remote, low-crime, non-flood zone with 24/7 security. Our facility’s floors and walls are equipped with six-inch precast ribbed concrete walls reinforced with rebar steel. Access cards are required to gain entry to our facility, ensuring authorized access.
    Transportation vehicles are designed for safe data transport, equipped with two-way communication devices, GPS satellite tracking, and fire extinguishers.
  8. Can we use our own boxes for storage?

    Yes, but we don’t recommend it. FileBank’s storage materials are non-degradable, impervious and constructed of special cardboard made to withstand time and even internal elements.
    We will accept your cartons but cannot guarantee their longevity.

  9. Can I manage my account and request records via the website?

    Yes! FileBank’s cloud storage and retrieval system makes it easy for customers to recall records that are at “The Vault®” in storage and view reports to better manage records inventory. Clients can view inventory and account information in real time. Clients can start using the client portal at any time through the link on our website.
  10. What types of documents can FileBank’s system support?

    FileBank’s Jump to Digital® allows users to create, manage, share and distribute any form of electronic document using any desktop software or tool. Word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, reports, forms, audio, video, artwork, photographs, engineering and construction documents and drawings (often in the form of oversized blueprints, etc.), and virtually any other file format can be stored and managed in Jump to Digital®. Best of all, it’s very easy to use and you can access your documents from anywhere, and at any time over the Internet. FileBank offers online, virtual training for its clients to get you up to speed in the use of our system.
  11. Do you have to be a tech genius to use FileBank’s system?

    No, as we explained before, absolutely not. Plus, we offer ongoing training in our V- and C-Cabinets whenever you need it. It really is a “no brainer” to get and stay up to speed with FileBank’s Jump to Digital®.

If you have a question that has not already been addressed, please submit your question here and we will respond immediately to answer your concerns.

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