FileBank's virtual cabinet solution, V-Cabinet™ transforms your time consuming manual filing system into an intuitive digital environment using its FileCaptureT service. This document imaging service scans your paper records and converts them into digital images - allowing you to locate and share documents across your organization.


V-Cabinet™ integrates document management and retrieval solutions, and consolidates and manages multiple content types in a single repository. This makes it possible to share and locate files quickly right from your desktop, and enables users to communicate with other users more effectively via the V-Cabinet Web portal. Your organization's V-Cabinet is user ID/password protected, so only authorized individuals may view or upload any information, and individual level of access is assigned based on user type.


Scan your most active files into a digital format and make them available instantly to you through our V-Cabinet PlusT (secure web client portal)


Locates and accesses files immediately

Increases staff efficiency by eliminating search time

Gives you more control with your retention plan

Provides an overview of a record's entire history

Offers simultaneous file access Facilitates better project management

Enhances decision-making information

Improves governance, risk, and compliance

Accelerates search and retrieval

Creates a centralized repository for all data

No hardware or software to buy, and no internal IT support needed


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