No one can guarantee that human error, hardware failure, natural disasters, or other unforeseen factors won’t affect your companies’ critical systems. However, FileBank’s FileBacker Solution greatly increases the odds that your platform and the software running on it won’t be compromised.

FileBacker automatically backs up desktop and laptop computers as users go about their normal tasks – allowing you the confidence that comes with knowing that your organization’s most valuable information is safe from loss due to unforeseen system crashes or other factors that could corrupt your system. FileBacker becomes an integral part of your disaster recovery plan by transferring information from your site to FileBank’s remote secure server; and enables you to quickly, safely, and seamlessly restore systems to full working capacity in the event of a system failure.

Additionally, FileBacker helps your organization comply with laws pertaining to the protection and preservation of electronic computer information, since system information is consistently maintained on FileBank’s remote secure server.


Supporting disaster recovery/business continuity strategies
Verifying the integrity of the database and ensuring content is present and
Allowing personnel to focus on core business tasks
Reducing infrastructure and management expenses
Creates a centralized repository for all data

"Set and Forget" operation



Our data vault storage division manages computer media, microfilm, microfiche, tape libraries and other valuable records as if they were our own. We provide the proper data record management and storage solutions including strict maintenance of temperature, relative humidity, fire ratings and suppression systems.


Simple or complex tape rotation schedules services.
Your backup tapes are always secure.


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