FileBank’s analytical solution, A-Cabinet is an information analysis platform that not only makes your entire body of both virtual and physical information assets searchable, but that turns these assets into actionable intelligence. Imagine that you could search all the students in 11th grade, include their standardized test scores last year versus this year, along with any other pertinent information, and review the output in a graph. Or that you can search all information relevant to municipal streets projects that have taken place over the past five years to analyze the vendors and related costs to estimate for future budgets. These examples and nearly any data scenario you can imagine is possible – right at your fingertips with FileBank’s A-Cabinet Solution.


Greater visibility – your organization’s data is freed so that you are better equipped
to make decisions
Simple to learn – the power of sophisticated analysis is available to anyone you
grant users’ rights to in your organization
Cost-effective business intelligence solution without the IT headache
Effective tool to demonstrate your organization’s progress and retain funding
Creates a centralized repository for all data
No hardware or software to buy, and no internal IT support needed


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