FileBank's physical cabinet solution, P-Cabinet™ encompasses all of your organization's files not deemed to be active or accessed on a regular basis. Physical boxes - and the indexed files that comprise them - are stored at FileBank's state-of-the art, climate controlled, and 24/7 security monitored facility, and are accessible through V-Cabinet Plus™ (secure web client portal)


FileBank's virtual cabinet solution, V-Cabinet™ transforms your time consuming manual filing system into an intuitive digital environment using its FileCaptureT service. This document imaging service scans your paper records and converts them into digital images - allowing you to locate and share documents across your organization.


V-Cabinet™ integrates document management and retrieval solutions, and consolidates and manages multiple content types in a single repository. This makes it possible to share and locate files quickly right from your desktop, and enables users to communicate with other users more effectively via the V-Cabinet Web portal. Your organization's V-Cabinet™ is user ID/password protected, so only authorized individuals may view or upload any information, and individual level of access is assigned based on user type.


Scan your most active files from your office as they arrive and make them available instantly to you through our V-Cabinet Plus™ (secure web client portal)


Your LOB applications are critical to getting work done across your organization. However, many times they don't "talk" with each other easily or include critical related documents. FileLinks™ connects your line of business applications to V-Cabinet™, allowing employees to make use of shared data, documents and processes without leaving their familiar business application. And it does it without custom coding.

Users looking at invoice information in an ERP or accounting program might need to verify information or resolve a discrepancy. With FileLinks™, users don’t have to search through paper files or learn another software application to find it. They just double-click and the related invoice opens. They complete their task quickly and move on to the next one.


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