In the past, companies dealt with Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) at a departmental level, and specific software tools were developed to assist with its corresponding compliance requirements. Today, the strategy is changing.

FileBank's V-Cabinet™ Solution helps meet the tactical requirements of compliance, with the added advantage of integrating these efforts with an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution as part of a more strategic initiative across the enterprise to provide your company with additional cost reductions and a rapid return on investment. V-Cabinet is a single, flexible solution that can assist with numerous governmental and industry regulations and requirements, including:



4Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

5Basel II



Compliance at its basic level involves creating, reviewing, and storing content to support adherence to applicable laws or requirements. Controlling content in the business world enables a company to control risk. V-Cabinet can provide companies with the technology needed to help meet the steps of compliance, which include adhering to laws and standards; documenting, procedures, policies, and internal controls; and testing the procedures, policies, and internal controls to ensure they are being followed and executed properly. If your company is dealing with any compliance initiatives, V-Cabinet can be the solution to manage these needs, while reducing the ever-rising costs of compliance.


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